Club History

Worthing Bowling Club is the oldest bowling club still operating in Worthing.

The club was formed in 1907 and played on the municipal green in Homefield Park. Worthing won their first recorded match on 29th May 1907 against Littlehampton. By 1910 we had 40 members. In 1924 two greens were laid in Beach House Park and in 1925 the main pavilion was built and the club transferred to Beach House Park where it has remained to the present day. Greens 3 and 4 were laid in 1929 and 1934

The West Pavilion was built in 1935 and became the club’s new home. Also using the greens at Beach House Park at this time were Homefield Park Ladies BC, Town Council BC and West Sussex Police.

The largest number of members recorded at Worthing Bowling Club was 220 during the 1957 season.

In 1967 the council laid a 5th green to help accommodate all of the clubs playing at Beach House Park at that time.

During the years we have had many county champions and national players as members.

Beach House Park was selected  for both National and World Bowls Competitions due to the excellence of the greens and a new pavilion was built to accommodate these competitions which became our new home in the early 1970’s.

In recent years with all of the major tournaments moving to Leamington Spa and the popularity of bowling waning, the local council decided that it was not financially viable to maintain 5 greens and so recently decommissioned 3 of the greens.

At present we still have the use of 2 greens and we currently have approximately 70 members. Our aim going forward is to increase the membership to 100+ in the near future. If you would like to help achieve our goal and are interested in joining the club, please get in touch with us here.