WBC Fixtures/Results – 2024


Sat. 20th Captains v Presidents.

Sat. 27th Pulborough. Fr. A.


Wed. 1st Portslade. Fr. H. 5 Trips

Sat. 4th Tarring. Str. A.

Thurs. 16th Tarring. Br. A.

Sat. 18th Marine Gardens. Str. H.

Sun. 19th Bognor. WSBL. A.

Thurs. 23rd Shoreham. Br. A.

Sat. 25th Goring Manor. Str. H.

Sun. 26th Bognor. PC Cup. A.

Wed. 29th Maltravers. Br. H.


Sat. 1st Pulborough. WSBL. H.

Sun. 2nd Marine Gardens. Str. A.

Tues. 4th. Goring Manor. WSBL. A. 18.00 Start.

Thurs 6th. Lancing. Str. H.

Fri. 7th. Goring Manor. Str. A.

Sat. 8th. Storrington. WSBL. H.

Thurs. 13th. Southwick. Br. A.

Sat. 15th. Lindfield. Fr. A.

Sun. 16th. West Sussex Tourists. Fr. H.

Tues. 18th. Tarring Priory. Str. H.

Thurs. 20th. Lancing. Br. H.

Sat. 22nd. Witterings. WSBL. H.

Wed. 26th Middleton. WSBL. A.

Sun. 30th. Petworth. WSBL. A.


Wed. 3rd. Pavilion. Str. A.

Sat.6th. Petworth. WSBL. H.

Wed. 10th. The Drive. Fr. A.

Fri. 12th. Pavilion. Br. H.

Sun. 14th Maltravers. Str. A.

Tues. 16th. Steyning. Fr. H.

Thurs. 18th. Marine Gardens. Br. H.

Sat. 20th. Witterings. WSBL. A.

Thurs. 25th. Southwick. Br. H.

Sat. 27th. Middleton. WSBL. H.

Mon. 29th. Goring Manor. Br. H.

Wed. 31st. Lancing . Str. H.


Sat. 3rd. Goring Manor. WSBL. H.

Wed. 7th. Storrington. WSBL. A.

Sat.10th. Goring Manor. Str. A.

Tues. 13th. Steyning. Fr. A.

Thurs. 15th. Billingshurst. Fr. A.

Sat. 17th. Bognor. WSBL. H.

Wed. 21st. Tarring Priory. Br. H.

Sat. 24th. Pulborough. WSBL. A.

Sun. 25th. Maltavers. Br. A.

Wed. 28th. Southwick. Fr. A. 5 Trips.

Sat. 31st. Pavilion. Br. A.


Sun. 1st. Lindfield. F. H. 5 Trips.

Mon. 2nd. Lancing. Br. A.

Wed. 3rd. Portslade. Fr. A.

Sat. 7th and Sun 8th. Finals weekend.

Mon. 9th. Shoreham. Br. H.

Wed. 11th. Marine Gardens. Br. A.

Fri. 13th. Pavilion. Str. H.

Sun. 15th. Maltravers. Str. H.

Tues. 17th. Billingshurst. Fr. A.

Sat. 21st. The Drive. Fr. H.