Club News

Saturday 25th November

Despite being our closed season, things have been happening in November. We played our 2nd game in the Indoor/Outdoor league against Maltravers and we won- helped by the 4 points a player awarded to non indoor club players – at that point we were top of the league, but have since dropped down a couple of places. Our Presentation Evening was held at Casa Ciro on the 11th November- the evening was a brilliant success with excellent food and a great atmosphere. It was good to see some different names on the trophies- thanks to Dave Steff for organising the presentation and sorting out the trophies, ably assisted by Dave Sargent. A couple of Saturdays ago Richard organised a quiz afternoon and we had 16 people entering, with names drawn out of the hat to select the teams- we’re not sure who won, but everyone enjoyed themselves and we put some money over the bar. Some bad news unfortunately – Trevor was admitted into hospital with an infection, and is now in the Sussex County Hospital in Brighton awaiting an operation. Get well soon Trev- hope the op goes well.

Sunday 29th October

Just a quick update to let people know what’s happening over the off season. The bar will now be open on every Saturday afternoon from around 13.00 until 17.00 ish. It’s best to contact Mick or myself to check exact time on the day. Richard has organised a bar quiz – date to be confirmed, but probably 18th November, all welcome, a pound a person to join in. We are putting a team out in the Worthing Indoor Outdoor League- our first game was against Lancing and we won 2 rinks out of 3 and have 4 points, which is probably what we scored all last season! If anybody wants to take part , whether you have played on carpet or not, contact Trevor. Our next game is against Maltravers on 9th November.

Friday 22nd September

Our last game of the season , a friendly against Billingshurst, had to be cancelled due to the atrocious weather, which seems to be the continuing theme of 2023. Of the 53 games that had been arranged 6 were rained off , cancelled or rebooked- overall, we won 29 games, lost 17, and drew 1. So not a bad season, and we were runners up in the Stracey, in our first year in the competition. The biggest disappointment of the year has got to have been the state of our greens- surely the worst we have played on all season and its only after our Finals day that they have played well. Thanks to everyone who put their names down to play , and to the members who week after week have set out the greens, helped with the tea’s and ran the bar. Roll on 2024!!

Saturday 16th September

Charity Day! This year our efforts are being put towards raising money for Headway, and the Captains nominated Charity, St Barnabas Hospice. The weather held out, and the Greenkeeper had finally made the greens playable, possibly a week too late! The first item on the agenda was the Spider, with a bottle of Scotch donated by Trevor -after several false starts the bottle was won by Steve Nullmeyers who donated it back to the raffle. Our roll up /Game was a tad chaotic with no-one understanding the rules, but had everyone laughing and enjoying themselves. The eventual winners were Janet, Deb and Sarge, who won a drink for understanding the rules better than everyone else! The highlight of the day was our Charity Raffle, with a diverse bunch of prizes ranging from a water melon, to some Tattoo vouchers! Some of the more expensive items were raffled off with us raising a total of £750 for our two charities. The afternoon ended with a ploughmans organised by Janet and Peter. Thanks to all of our members who helped organise, those who helped on the day and everyone who blagged prizes and bought tickets. a fun afternoon !!!

Wednesday 13th September

Our last game of the 2023 league season against Marine Gardens this afternoon. Our home game against them in July produced a 6-4 win, as it was today. The rinks today were pretty bad, despite paying their own contractor, they were probably the worst we had played on this season, including Beach House Park. Janet Atkinson again came away with top rink, with Dave Sargent and John Bailey – the other winning rink was skipped by Ted Poole with his comedy double act partner Trevor Gordine Deb O Mahoney and husband Mick. Our final points tally was 69-62, with our other triple and pairs only losing by a couple of points each. So that’s it for 2023 in the Brodie- won 6 and lost 6 with a draw and a rain stopped play, finishing third behind Southwick and Pavilion.

Tuesday 12th September

A friendly against Shoreham this afternoon at home, and the council finally got around to working on B green- with some new fox damage! We lost on 3 rinks and won on 2 with a score of 72-102. Top rink was skipped by our new Pairs champion Janet Atkinson with Chris Matthews and Reg Lawrence – winning 23-12.

Saturday 9th Sunday 10th September

Our finals weekend! All details are on the club competition page. A weekend enjoyed by all with some great bowling and some unexpected results. Thanks to all that participated and helped out on both days- a brilliant club effort.

Tuesday 5th September.

In the Stracey today Pavillion beat Lancing 8-2 which puts them 7 points ahead of us and consequently makes them the winners of this years competition. The good news is that we are confirmed as runners up! An altogether excellent result for our first year in this competition and many thanks to all of our players who participated in our games. You did us proud!

Monday 4th September.

Our game today was against Lancing- an away fixture, and our last one of the season in the Stracey. It was the hottest day of the summer so-far with the temperature hovering around 30C. which seemed to affect some players, but not others. It was a good result at the end winning the game 82-96 and 4-6. Such a good win that it put us at the top of the Stracey League by 2 points- Pavillion are just behind us with a game in hand, so its likely they’ll take the top spot by the end of the week. For our first season in the Stracey this has been an excellent year- well played Worthing!

Sunday 3rd September.

A sunny hot day today for a change, for our friendly against Lindfield. We managed to put out 5 triples, and even had reserves! It was a close result across 4 rinks, apart from Steve Murphy with Ken McMasters and John Williams who thrashed their opposition 32-5 and came out as top rink. On the other rinks we won 2 and lost 2, with an overall score of 90-59, and 3-2. Another win today was Neil Baker visiting Morrisons at the right time and coming away with 6 iced carrot cakes at 68p each instead of £2.25- after match tea’s sorted!

Wednesday 30th August.

Our return friendly against Southwick away this afternoon. Southwick are another Adur and Worthing council maintained green, and like us, have had problems with the maintenance this season, but they looked and played better than Beach House. This was a 4 triple fixture and we came away with a win – 69-56, and on top on 3 rinks. Peter Mantle won the pens today with Neil Baker and Colin Green scoring 23 points to 13.

Sunday 26th August.

This was supposed to be our penultimate game in the Stracey today against Maltravers. Unfortunately Maltravers couldn’t get a team together, citing the same reasons that a lot of Captains have expressed this year – players not wanting to play away games, don’t like the stress of competitions, not wanting to play every week etc etc. Anyway, the net result is that Maltravers conceded and we are awarded 10 points.

Saturday 25th August.

Three of us made the trip today to watch the two sides that will decide our fate in the WSBL Division 2 . Pulborough V Crablands. Pulborough needed 6 points to send us down to the 3rd division with Crablands already promoted. We arrived at Pulborough in the middle of a thunderstorm, with the clubs already agreeing to an 11 end game- so it was all over by 3.45. An 8-2 victory to Crablands and we’ve stayed up, finishing in 5th – Maltravers and Pulborough are demoted, and Crablands with Pagham go up. A not so good season for us in the WSBL- winning 4, losing 6 and 2 rained off – our best game, probably our mid week win against promoted Pagham and our low point was being beaten 8-2 by demoted Maltravers. Our immediate return to Division 1 wasn’t as easy as we thought- hopefully next season will be different, but we need a bit more commitment from bowlers to ensure we put out our strongest side.

Thursday 24th August.

This was our last match in the WSBL away at Middleton and a must win for us. Due to being a mid week game Richard couldn’t field the side he would have liked, so we went with a bit of a weakened team. Rain was forecast, and after 6 ends there was a big lightning storm with torrential rain, so we went off -10 minutes later the Captains and the Greenkeeper came to a decision and the match was called off. League rules prevailed, and we took 5 points each- which helped Middleton, but not Worthing. The deciding game of the season on Saturday is Pulborough v Crablands – Crablands are top of the league and Pulborough just off the bottom, so Pulborough need 6 to stay up. Edge of the seat Saturday afternoon then!!

Wednesday 23rd August.

Our game against Tarring Priory at home today was our penultimate one in the Brodie Tray. Our first Brodie of the season was against Tarring and we came away with a good win – like us, Tarring are struggling a little to put out a strong side even with a lot more signed up players , but today they got it together, coming out 6-4, 63-55 winners. We won on two, lost on two, but the overall score points went to Tarring. Our top rink today, the pairs, was won by Simon Edwards and Dave Sargent, coming out 18-6 victors. Our other winning rink was skipped by Janet Atkinson with Peter Mantle and Trevor Gordine. The ability of a lot clubs to put out a team was emphasised tonight, when I received a call from the Captain at Maltravers, calling off our Sundays Stracey game due to not enough players putting their name down, gifting us the game and 10 points.

Saturday 18th August.

Rain was forecast for our Stracey Match against Maltravers in Littlehampton this afternoon but never appeared. Despite heavy overnight rain, the green played very well, which is unusual for Maltravers. Overall it was a pretty good game for us, that went down to the wire on 2 of the rinks; one draw and one loss, but, we had two very good wins on the other rinks. Russ Hallett with Dave Sargent Ken McMasters and Trevor Gordine winning 28-11 and Janet Atkinson with Kris Czarnecki, Mickey Page and Chris Matthews winning 22-14. Scores on the doors were 87-73 and 7-3 – this puts us in second place with two to play and a game in hand to Tarring Priory who are 10 points behind. We still have a chance of staying up in the WSBL but we need a very good result for our last game away at Middleton.

Friday 17th August.

Congratulations to Richard Maton on winning the Hastings Open Tournament Singles Final.

Thursday 16th August.

Another 4 triple friendly this afternoon at Billingshurst, a favourite fixture with a lot of our players. The day didn’t start too well when we were suddenly one player short at 12.45- luckily Jeff Ellison responded to my WhatsApp immediately and was at the club within 10 minutes managing to avoid the housekeeping or shopping that was planned for him. Another slight problem was Colin Green leaving his bowls and shoes at home – Dave Sargent, ever prepared, managed to supply both! The rinks were a bit faster than we are used to, which caused come ditch problems in the first couple of ends, but we settled and ended up winning 73-58 – 2 wins and 2 losses. Top rink was skipped by Chris Matthews, with Syd foster and Colin Green backing him up, scoring 25-8. The other winning rink was led by Ted Poole with Ken McMasters and the replacement, Jeff Ellison who should really put his name down more often.

Tuesday 15th August.

On the road today over the downs to Steyning for a 4 triple friendly. Dave Sargent was Captain of the day for the second time this season, and he came away with a 74-48 victory, winning on one rink, drawing on 2 and losing on one. Ted Poole was skipping the winning rink, and came away with a pretty decisive 34-2 win, playing with the two Kens -McMasters and Poole. Special mentions today for Steve Mickella playing his first game, and to the Club Legend Mickey Page who volunteered to skip and helped to score a 7 on one end.

Saturday 12th August 2023.

Goring Manor away in the Stracey this afternoon. It was a surprise to find that the green had been turned to North South orientation, and instead of the usual straight/swingy rinks ,they played really well. Apart from one rink, where we went down heavily we had a result, coming out 6-4 winners, and losing by only 2 points overall. Ian Godden skipped the top rink today, with Mick O Mahoney, John Bailey and Andy Slater winning 27-15. Deb O Mahoney played her first game for a month, helping Simon Edwards Syd Foster and Chris Matthews to a 19-11 win. After a mid season period of losing a lot of games, we seem to be back on track now winning, our last seven league games and we are now second in both the Stracey and Brodie with only a couple of games to play in both competitions.

Wednesday 9th August 2023.

A mid-week fixture in the WSBL was big ask for us to put out our strongest side, but we ended up traveling to Pagham with a good team thanks to some players taking time off work. The greens today were pretty pushy, which is par for the course for Pagham, who put out a strong side, obviously used to the surface. We finished on top thanks to some great individual performances, winning 89-78 and 8-2. Top rink today was Richard Maton ,Andy Slater, Ron Bewley and Dave Sargent- our losing rink only lost by two points, which helped with our overall top score. With our result today Maltravers are definitely demoted but we’re not out of the danger zone yet for relegation, but todays result certainly helped out chances of staying up. Fingers crossed for our last game against Middleton on the 24th.

Sunday 6th August 2023.

At last an almost sunny day!! Our return match against Pavillion in the Brodie played on Green B, the better of our 2 greens at the moment, but still pretty poor. Away at Pavillion in June we went down 8-2 on really fast rinks- this time the result was reversed and we came out on top 8-2, and 72-51 victors. We won on 3 rinks and Janet Atkinson was again skipping on top rink with Dave Sargent and Colin Green, ending up 25-8 on top. A great result today, leaving us in equal first with Southwick, but they have a couple of games in hand so we won’t be there at the end of the week!

Saturday 5th August 2023.

Our bad luck with the weather continues! We had to cancel another game today, this time against Crablands in the WSBL. There isn’t an option to re-arrange a league match so we had to take 5 points each – maybe not a bad option for us as Crablands are flying high at the top of League 2. This season looks like its going to be a repeat of last season where other clubs results are going to decide our fate in Division 2. On a brighter note, the club was open for the afternoon and we had a great social using the food bought for the game as a ploughmans lunch.

Wednesday 2nd August 2023.

More bad weather today – we were supposed to play Lancing today in the Stracey, but the weather forecast was foul so the match was re-organised to September 4th.

Monday 31st July 2023.

Another wet and windy game today- this time at home against Goring Manor in the Brodie. There was a distinct feeling in the clubhouse before 2.00 that a lot of players on both sides didn’t want to play, so the two Captains decided we’d play 11 ends, and see if the weather improved. Unfortunately it got a lot worse – so we called it a day at 11. Despite the poor conditions B green played really well, not having been cut for a week, and we came out 8-2 winners, scoring 47 points to 39- a lot better than 5-5 if the game had been called off. Top rink today was Janet Atkinson, with Neil Baker and Dave Sargent who finished 15-3 on top.

Sunday 30th July 2023.

Todays match against Pulborough in the WSBL was a must win game for us and we managed to come away with a 97-72, 6-4 victory. Despite the rain for all of the afternoon, and the greens having been played on yesterday for their triples tournament, they played extremely well. On all of the rinks for the first six ends the home team pulled away, but we gradually came back into the game. Comeback of the day was on Russ Halletts rink, who with John Bailey, Chris Matthews and Simon Edwards fought back from 20-2 down after 12 ends to finish on a narrow loss of 24-20. Top rink today was Richard Maton, with Dave Sargent, Ian Slater and Alan Grief who came out 33-12 on top. Todays win helped us out – we are now three points ahead of Pulborough, but they have a game in hand. Next Saturdays game is at home against Crablands, who are currently top of Division 2, so it won’t be an easy day!

Ian Godden with his prize winning water melon!!

Thursday 27th July 2023.

Our friendly against Southwick was cancelled due to heavy overnight rain.

Sunday 23rd July 2023.

Another day with rain forecast , but this time it remained sunny thankfully. Our game this afternoon was our return home fixture against Goring Manor in the WSBL. This was another close game ,as was our away game earlier in the season. This time the scores were in our favour, but only on the points tally, coming out on top 84-67, thanks to Ian Godden, Charles Linsell, Dave Steff and Alan Grief winning 38-12. We ended up drawing the game 5-5 – we’ve now pulled away from Maltravers on points but remain second from bottom of the table.

Care in the community at work!

Saturday 22nd July 2023.

Rain stopped play! We made the journey to Maltravers in Littlehampton with rain threatened, expecting to play 11 ends before making a decision. Unfortunately, the forecast was for once, correct, and it teemed down- three ends was all it took to decide that biscuits and a cuppa were a far better option. 5 points for each club was agreed, and we made our way damp way home for a beer in our bar.

Thursday 20th July 2023.

This was our third game against Marine Gardens this season, having won the previous two in the Stracey Shield. A few heavy showers had left B green with a couple of worn rinks, so we moved to A which turned out to be more pushy than we were used to. It was a reasonably good afternoon for us with some very close finishes on all rinks, apart from Ted Poole, skipping the rink with Dave Sargent, Ken Mcmasters and John Bailey, who romped away 28-6 winners. Janet Atkinson and Colin Green had a great game in the singles, only losing in the last end by just one point. So a win for us coming out on top at 77-58 and 6-4. Todays result brought us up to third in the table behind Southwick and Marine Gardens with five games left – there’s still plenty to play for!

Tuesday 18th July 2023.

This afternoon we played our home friendly against Steyning on four triples. We had a last minute withdrawal due to illness, so it required a jiggle around of the rinks- Colin Green drew the short straw and played his first game as skip bowling extremely well. We finished the game with a 2-2 draw losing 53-59, which, with the players we had available was a reasonable result. Top rink today was skipped by Chris Matthews with Neil Baker and Reg Lawrence at 2 and 3. The other winning rink was Janet Atkinson, Ted Townsend and Maureen Jackson

Sunday 16th July 2023.

Today we welcomed The West Sussex Tourists to Beach House park for their annual visit with Dave Sargent taking on the job of Captain of the day. Again, as it was friendly we put out a side of a few experienced bowlers some intermediates and a couple of beginners. The Tourists always field a pretty experienced side who aren’t only here for the beer and cake, so it was great that we came away with a 73-68 overall win, with Dave Steff skipping the Top Rink together with Neil Baker and Ted Townsend, winning 24-9. Thanks to everyone who helped out with putting on two games over the weekend- it was a bit of an effort but we came away with two wins.

Saturday 15th July 2023.

A WSBL game at home today against Maltravers who inflicted an 8-2 defeat on us last Saturday, probably due to our being 5 regular players short. Today the tables were reversed , with Maltravers being a couple of regulars short, which made a difference as we came out on top with an 88-52, 8-2 win. It was very close to being a 10-0 result with Ted Pooles rink losing on the last end. Top rink today was Richard Maton, with Colin Green Ken McMasters and Smurf achieving an excellent 31-6 victory. This was our first win in the WSBL this season, and are now off the bottom of the table!

Wednesday 12th July 2023.

This was our first friendly in a month so we tried to field a team of bowlers who have only played a few games this year, and in Neil Baker, his first game. The match was against The Drive, from Hove, who normally play on carpet. We came out on top, winning 73-58, and 3-1. A good all round result for us playing against a very friendly team. Simon Edwards was back on form, winning top rink with Ron Bewley and Maureen Jackson.

Saturday 8th July 2023.

The weather didn’t look too good in the morning for our game this afternoon against Maltravers in the WSBL with heavy showers, thunder and lightning forecast. We went over to Littlehampton five regular players down, so it was a tough challenge to start with. Unfortunately for us the game went ahead, as Maltravers were way stronger than we expected, for a team at the bottom of the league. The rain mostly held off, apart from one five minute shower, and we were well beaten on three rinks with Russ Hallett, together with Colin Green, Ken Mc Masters and Chris Matthews being the only winning rink. The final score was 119-72, and 8-2. Our return fixture is next Saturday, which is a must win for us.

Wednesday 5th July 2023.

Today we played Southwick in the Brodie at home. Our away game at Southwick a month ago, we were beaten 8-2, and so it turned out today- 8-2 and 74-49. At least Ted Poole turned in a positive result with a close fought game, coming out 15-12 on top. Ted was with Colin Green, Ken Poole and Mick O Mahoney, with Colin having an particularly good game .

Sunday 2nd July 2023.

This was our 4th game in 5 days today, and everyone seemed to be a little “bowled out”. A return visit from Tarring Priory in the Brodie who we beat in the first leg 4-6. This time the scores were reversed losing 6-4. We played on A green, and the surface was atrocious- more brown than green with cracks appearing everywhere. The final score was 66-83, again winning on 2 and losing on 2. Top rinks were Ian Godden and Simon Edwards, both winning by just one point. Tina Redman Ken Poole and Steve Murphy with Ian, and Pete Mantle, John Williams and Janet Atkinson with Simon.

Saturday 1st July 2023.

A home game today in the WSBL against Pulborough. We struggled again to come up with a good result; our greens were fast with players on both sides struggling to get near the jack. We eventually fought out a 2-2 draw, losing on both points tally, 6-4, and 74-78. Not much in the final score and again we failed to pick up the extra 2 points. Simon lost his 5 game winning top rink streak , with Ted Poole coming out on top, with John Bailey, Mickey Page and Ian Slater alongside him.

Thursday 29th June 2023.

Another long trip away to Pavillion in the Stracey, and we have passed the half way point of fixtures for the season. Our game at home a couple of months we came away away with 7-3 win – this time unfortunately, we went down to an 8-2, 98-78 defeat on extremely fast greens. Our only winning rink, and consequently top rink, was again skipped by Simon Edwards, with Deb O Mahoney Mick Page and Chris Matthews backing him up. Pavillion provided an extremely good tea with excellent sausage rolls and some memorable fudge brownies.

Wednesday 28th June 2023.

Simon Edwards, for the fourth game running skipped the top rink, this time with Deb O Mahoney, Maureen Jackson and Peter Mantle. We played our away leg against Lancing in the Brodie Tray that ended in a 5-5 draw, but a 65-78 points win for us. Three of the rinks came down to the last end for a result, but unfortunately we only got a draw out of one and losing on two.

Saturday 25th June 2023.

Our first game away at Goring Manor who moved down from Division 1 with us last season. Selection is still proving a bit of a problem with several players unavailable, so it was a hard game to come up with a good result. Unfortunately we went down 6-4, 84-67, against a strong Goring side. Once again Simon Edwards came out as top rink winner, with Dave Sargent, Ken Poole, and Alan Grief backing him up.

Thursday 23rd June. 2023.

Lancing were back at Beach House today for our home Brodie match. Not a good result as we lost 4-6 and 61-65. Another close result losing by a couple of points. Janet Atkinson, John Bailey and Sid Foster were the top rink, with a special mention to Simon Edwards and Debbie O Mahoney who came up on top in the pairs, against a very strong Lancing pair who weren’t used to losing.

Sunday 18th June 2023

Not a good day at Beach House Park. The weather was atrocious and it rained on and off throughout the match. Up until the 12th end we were in front on three rinks, but the rain stopped and Pagham came back- the last 30 minutes the rain was torrential and they continued their fightback. The final result was 7-3 to Pagham, again we lost by only a couple of points at 80-77. Top rink today was Syd Foster, Ken Poole, Peter Mantle and Simon Edwards. I think a lot of players hadn’t checked the weather forecast before the match, turned up without jackets and consequently returned to the clubhouse dripping!

Thursday 15th June 2023.

Our first visit to Southwick in the Brodie, today and they look to be one of the stronger sides in the competition. We went down 90-44, 8-2, with only our rink winning, skipped by Trevor Gordine, with Nick Gordine, Mickey Page and Colin Green playing alongside him.

Sunday 11th June 2023.

Our third game in as many days today against Maltravers in the Brodie tray. This time the game ended very much in our favour. Despite a torrential rain shower ,every rink battled through to a 10-0 win, recording 74-47 points in the process. Top rink today was the triple of Deb O Mahoney, Alan Grief and Steve Murphy who came out 21-10 on top.

Saturday 10th June 2023.

This was the clubs first visit to Crablands in many years playing in the WSBL 2 today. It was a difficult game for us, as the greens were shockingly bad. We ended up losing 71-66 and another 6-4 points split. Andy Slater, standing in as Captain of the day had a good game though, being on the top rink together with John Bailey and Russ Jennings and Ted Poole at skip .The other winning rink was skipped by Ian Godden coming in at a close 15-14 victory.

Friday 9th June 2023.

Breezy sunny and hot at Field Place playing Goring Manor in the Brodie. Unfortunately we came out second best, losing 77-75 and 6-4. The top rink today a triple, won 26-15, skipped by Peter Mantle with Tina Redman leading and Mick O Mahoney at 2. Not the result we wanted but at least we picked up 4 points.

Sunday 4th June. 2023.

This was our third game this week and we were against Marine Gardens in the Stracy Shield at home. The greens are still playing a bit strange with a lot of brown patches making finding the weight and green difficult. We got the better of them though and came away winning on all rinks, and scoring a 10-0 106-50 win. Credit to everyone who played today with some excellent shots across all of the rinks. Top rink was Russ Hallett, playing alongside Mick o Mahoney, Russ Jennings and Alan Grief, finishing with an 29-7 score.

Saturday 3rd June. 2023

We played our first WSBL 2 game today against newly promoted Middleton, with an 11.00 start due to the Cup Final. Middleton bought a strong side with them and came out close winners 75-73, and 6-4. Richard Maton skipped the top rink again today, together with Dave Sargent John Bailey and Steve Murphy. At Middelton’s request we put out an extra rink, and our ladies agreed to the challenge. Thanks to Janet, Maureen Tina and Debbie, who looked like they enjoyed themselves despite losing.

Today, we had an early start, to unveil a plaque in memory of former member of Worthing Bowling club, Ted Hayward who died at the end of 2022. Ted won a gold medal in the World Bowls Championship in 1972, playing in the fours event and started playing for Worthing and Sussex in the late 80’s. The unveiling was attended by Ted’s wife, daughter and grandchildren and members of the bowls club who knew and played with Ted.

Thursday 1st June. 2023

We came down to earth with a bit a bump today at Pavillion. The weather was perfect, apart from a brisk breeze, and the green was fast but nowhere near as fast as Beach House has been. We went down 66-81, 2-8. Our score was helped by our top rink of Colin Green, Ken Stanton and Richard Maton, who won 27-11, including a brilliant 8 on the last end.

Saturday 27thMay 2023 –

A lovely day for a game of bowls- around 20C and a light breeze .Our opponents today were Goring Manor in the Stracey Shield, who are just behind us in the league. Yet another game where we came back from being down, to getting another win on rinks that kept changing throughout the afternoon. Final score came out at a close 73-69 and 7 points to 3. Top rink was again Ted Poole, this time alongside Peter Mantle, Ken McMasters and Alan Grief, playing his first game for Worthing for quite a few years. The win today puts us at the top of the Stracy league.

El Presidente and his lucky legs!

Thursday 25th May 2023-

Another day another match! This time a friendly away at Shoreham on 4 triples. We ended up with a 80-42, 3-1 win, which was especially satisfying, as we picked a team which included some first year beginners. Top rink today was Colin Green together with Trevor and Nick Gordine – Nick playing his first ever game- who ran away to a 29- 7 win.

Wednesday 24th May 2023 –

A great result in the Stracey Shield today against Pavillion. After 10 ends we looked like we were going down to an all round loss, but every rink fought back to a fantastic 85-78, 7-3 win against one of the stronger clubs in the league. A special mention to Trevor Gordine Syd Foster John Williams and Maureen Jackson who fought back from 19-3 down adding a couple of threes and a four, to only a narrow loss. Top rink was Dave Sargent, Ted Townsend, Mick O Mahoney and Ted Poole .

SATURDAY 20th May 2023 – A third away win on the trot today against Marine Gardens in the Stracey Shield. The greens were a bit difficult, not helped by a gusty northerly win. We came out on top winning 99-56, 8 points to 2. Our top rink was Dave Sargent Janet Atkinson, Ian Slater and Ian Godden. Ted Poole’s rink won on the last end with Deb O’ Mahoney’s perfect bowl onto the jack.

THURSDAY 18TH MAY 2023 – Another great result away at Tarring priory today, this time in the Brodie League. On a very well prepared green we won on three of the four rinks with an overall score of 73 – 55 and we picked up 8 of the 10 points available. Our top rink today was Peter Mantle and Janet Atkinson.

SATURDAY 13TH MAY 2023 – Having played our first Stracey Shield match of the season in pouring rain a few days ago, our second Stracey match this afternoon was played in warm sunshine away at Tarring BC. We won on 2 rinks and lost on the other 2 rinks but we came out on top by an overall score of 88 – 69 and therefore the points score was 6 – 4 in our favour. Our top rink today was Mick O’Mahoney, Russ Jennings, Chris Matthews and Russ Hallett.

THURSDAY 11TH MAY 2023 – Back to winning ways today in a home friendly against Portslade BC. The match format was 5 triples with Worthing winning 3 of them and by an overall score of 85 – 73. Our top rink today was Jeff Ellison, Mick O’Mahoney and Janet Atkinson.

WEDNESDAY 10TH MAY 2023 – A disappointing start for us in the Stracey Shield this afternoon as we lost 8 – 2 at home to Lancing BC. Playing conditions were difficult with 2 heavy showers during the match and Lancing clearly adapted to the conditions much better than we did. Our only winning rink today was Ken Poole, Mick O’Mahoney, Janet Atkinson and Simon Edwards.

SUNDAY 30TH APRIL 2023 – Congratulations on behalf of Worthing BC to Janet Atkinson who has successfully completed her coaching course.

As of today Janet is now officially a Level 1 Bowling Coach.

SATURDAY 29TH APRIL 2023 – Beautiful weather at Worthing for the first day of our open weekend and our friendly match with Pulborough.

With regard to the open day, we had a decent number of people showing interest in joining our club and well done to the Worthing BC members who took part in the day.

The Pulborough match was also successful with Worthing winning by a score of 85 – 75. Our top rink today was Ted Townsend, Mick Page and Mick O’Mahoney and Mick Page was replaced by Janet Atkinson part way through the match.

SATURDAY 15TH APRIL 2023 – Our first match of the 2023 season today was a friendly at Portslade on their relatively new artificial geeen. The match was played in a triples format across 5 rinks and was very close with Portslade winning 3-2 on rinks and by a total score of 79 – 72.

Congratulations to Chris Matthews who played his first match since becoming or club captain.

Our top rink today Russ Jennings, Mick Page and Richard Maton and our other winning rink was Deb O’Mahoney, Colin Green and appropriately Chris Matthews.

INDOOR OUTDOOR LEAGUE – Throughout the winter months we have been playing in the Indoor Outdoor League which is takes place at Field Place and is comprised of 8 of the local bowling clubs. Most of the other clubs tend to have many more regular indoor bowlers than we have so it’s quite a tough league for us to compete in. Despite this we had a very good finish in winning our final 2 matches against East Preston a few weeks ago and Marine Gardens yesterday.

Well done to everyone who played in any of the matches and thankfully it isn’t be too long now until we will be bowling outdoors again and hopefully with the sun on our backs!

WORTHING BC ADVERT – At the recent club committee meeting it was agreed that the advert for the club below will appear in the April edition of the Worthing Journal.

SATURDAY 12th NOVEMBER 2022 – A very enjoyable evening at the annual trophy dinner which took place at Palm Court. Many thanks to Mick Page who organised the competitions and trophies and to Peter Mantle and everybody else involved in organising the event.

Championship Singles winner, Richard Maton.
Championship Pairs winners, Charles Lindsell & Dave Steff.
Championship Pairs runners up, Ian Godden & Richard Maton.
Handicap Singles winner, Richard Maton.
Handicap Singles runner up, Dave Hoggen.
Drawn Pairs winners, Ian Slater & Steve Murphy.
Drawn Pairs runners up, Deb O’Mahoney & Richard Maton.
Norman King winner, Ian Godden.
Norman King runner up, Marion Hoggen.
Jay Cup winner, Simon Edwards.
Jay Cup runner up, Russ Hallett
Veterans Cup winner, Peter Mantle.
Veterans Cup runner up, John Bailey.
Ernie Boulton Cup winners, Russ Jennings, Dave Sargent, Dave Hoggen & Janet Atkinson.
Wheeler Cup winner, John Bailey.
Wheeler Cup runner up, Ian Slater.
Wheeler Pairs winners, Tina Redman & Ian Slater.
Wheeler Pairs runners up, John Bailey & Russ Jennings.

TUESDAY 20th SEPTEMBER 2022 – We played our final match of the season this afternoon in a friendly at home against Billingshurst BC. The match format was triples across 4 rinks and we won 4 – 0.

Our top rink today was Dave Sargent, Colin Green & Simon Edwards and our other winning rinks were John Bailey, Chris Matthews & Dave Hoggen / Deb O’Mahoney, Ken MacMaster & Mick Page / Marion Hoggen, Mick O’Mahoney & Pete Mantle.

Our overall record for the season in matches against other clubs, including all league and friendly matches was 46 matches played, 22 wins, 20 losses and 4 draws. Not a bad record but hopefully we can improve on this next year.

SATURDAY 17th SEPTEMBER 2022 – Our annual charity day took place this afternoon and was a great success as we raised £500 for the Headway UK charity. Peter Mantle won the Spider and Janet Atkinson, Colin Green and Chris Matthews won the beer match.

Very well done to Chris Matthews and everybody else who helped to set the event up and a huge thank you to everybody who donated prizes and bought raffle tickets.

The highlight of the event has to be our resident photobomber Ian Godden winning Alcohol Free Beer and a box of truffles which apparently he had donated for the raffle!

THURSDAY 15th SEPTEMBER 2022 – We travelled over to Hove today for a friendly match at The Drive BC. They play on an artificial green which predictably took our team some time to get used to and we lost the match by 4.5 – 0.5. Our top rink who drew their game was Ken MacMaster, Russ Jennings & Marion Hoggen. Despite the heavy defeat we’ll all certainly look forward to going back there again because their members are very friendly and they have a great clubhouse.

WEDNESDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2022 – We had a disappointing end to our good season in the Brodie League this afternoon. Our final fixture was away at Marine Gardens who won the match 8 – 2. Our top and only winning rink was Deb O’Mahoney, Mick O’Mahoney & Pete Mantle

TUESDAY 13th SEPTEMBER 2022 – We played a friendly match at home this afternoon against Shoreham BC. The match format was 5 triples of which we won 4 and Shoreham won 1 and the overall score was 100 – 66 in our favour. Our top rink was Dave Sargent, Syd Foster & Janet Atkinson and our other winning rinks were Russ Jennings, John Bailey & Marion Hoggen, Ken MacMaster, Maureen Jackson & Chris Matthews and Deb O’Mahoney, Colin Green & Dave Hoggen.

SUNDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 2022 – Day 2 of our club competition finals today. This morning in the Ernie Boulton competition, Dave Sargent, Russ Jennings, Dave Hoggen and Janet Atkinson beat Nick Gordine, Barney Rudge, Chris Matthews and Ian Slater with the match going to an extra end. Also this morning, in the Jay Cup Simon Edwards beat Russ Hallett with the match also going to an extra end and in the Pairs Championship, Charles Lindsell & Dave Steff beat Ian Godden & Richard Maton.

In this afternoon’s matches Richard Maton beat Garry Olver in the Championship Singles, Ian Godden beat Marion Hoggen in the Norman King competition and Tina Redman & Ian Slater beat Russ Jennings & John Bailey in the Wheeler Pairs. Congratulations to all today’s winners and runners up and many thanks to all who came along to watch the finals.

Finally, a huge thank you to all those who made the weekend run so smoothly. This includes Mick Page who organised the finals and baked some cakes, Charles Lindsell, Dave Steff, Dave Sargent and Ken MacMaster who arrived very early to set up the green, Deb & Mick O’Mahoney who did the food shopping and set up the magnificent buffet and last but certainly not least, Barney Rudge & Chris Matthews for looking after the bar. It was a thoroughly enjoyable weekend and the weather was beautiful.

Nick Gordine bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Dave Sargent bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Barney Rudge bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Russ Jennings bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Chris Matthews bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Dave Hoggen bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Ian Slater bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Janet Atkinson bowling in the Ernie Boulton Competition Final.
Simon Edwards bowling in the Jay Cup Final.
Russ Hallett bowling in the Jay Cup Final.
Charles Lindsell bowling in the Championship Pairs Final.
Ian Godden Bowling in the Championship Pairs Final
Dave Steff bowling in the Championship Pairs Final.
Richard Maton bowling in the Championship Pairs Final.
Richard Maton bowling in the Championship Singles Final.
Garry Olver bowling in the Championship Singles Final.
Ian Godden bowling in the Norman King Final.
Marion Hoggen bowling in the Norman King Final.
Tina Redman bowling in the Wheeler Pairs Final.
Russ Jennings bowling in the Wheeler Pairs Final.
Ian Slater bowling in the Wheeler Pairs Final.
John Bailey bowling in the Wheeler Pairs Final.
Mrs Hoggen being Photo Bombed by Mr Godden in the Norman King Final!

SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 2022 – Today was day 1 of our club competitions finals weekend. This morning in the Drawn Pairs, Ian Slater & Steve Murphy (Smurf) beat Deb O’Mahoney & Richard Maton and Pete Mantle beat John Bailey in the Veterans Cup. This afternoon in the Handicap Singles, Richard Maton beat Dave Hoggen and John Bailey beat Ian Slater in the Wheeler Singles. Congratulations to all today’s winners and runners up and it was fantastic to see so many of our members come along to watch the finals and drink the bar dry on what turned out to be a really enjoyable day for our wonderful club. Day 2 commences at 10am tomorrow.

Ian Slater bowling this morning in the Drawn Pairs Final.
Deb O’Mahoney bowling this morning in the Drawn Pairs Final.
Steve Murphy bowling this morning in the Drawn Pairs Final.
Richard Maton bowling this morning in the Drawn Pairs Final.
Pete Mantle bowling this morning in the Veterans Final.
John Bailey bowling this morning in the Veterans Final.
Richard Maton bowling this afternoon in the Handicap Singles Final.
Dave Hoggen bowling this afternoon in the Handicap Singles Final.
John Bailey bowling this afternoon in the Wheeler Singles Final.
Ian Slater bowling this afternoon in the Wheeler Singles Final.

THURSDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 2022 – Despite today’s wet weather, we were able to play our home Brodie League fixture against Worthing Pavilion this afternoon. We kept up our good form in the competition winning on three of the 4 rinks and the final score was 6 – 4 in our favour. Our top rink was John Bailey, Dave Hoggen & Richard Maton and our other winning rinks were Marion Hoggen, Barney Rudge & Simon Edwards and Deb O’Mahoney, Dave Sargent, Mick O’Mahoney & Mick Page.

WEDNESDAY 7th SEPTEMBER 2022 – Our good season in the Brodie League continued this afternoon with a 5 – 5 draw away at Lancing BC. With 2 matches still left to play, this result already guarantees that we will finish the season in second place. This is a very positive achievement for the club and well done to Marion and all our members who played in the Brodie this season. Today’s top rink was Dave Sargent, Tina Redman, Ian Slater and Ted Poole and our other winning rink was Ken Poole, Pete Mantle and Janet Atkinson.

SUNDAY 4th SEPTEMBER 2022 – We played a friendly match this afternoon at home against Lindfield with a format of 5 triples. We won on 2, lost on 2 and the other rink was a draw but we won on the overall score by 88 – 80. Our top rink was Dave Sargent, Ken MacMaster & Marion Hoggen and our other winning rink was Tina Redman, Colin Green & Dave Hoggen.

WEDNESDAY 31st AUGUST 2022 – We played a very enjoyable friendly match this afternoon away at Southwick BC. The match format was 6 Triples of which we won 3 and Southwick won the other 3. The overall score was 91 – 85 in Southwick’s favour. Our top rink today was Ken Poole, Marion Hoggen & Dave Hoggen and our other 2 winning rinks were Mike Butterfield, Chris Matthews & Simon Edwards and Colin Green, Dave Sargent & Janet Atkinson. Many thanks to all our members who played in today’s match. Having 18 of our bowlers signing up to play away from home in a midweek friendly demonstrates their great commitment to the club.

SATURDAY 27th AUGUST 2022 – Following Pavilion Bulls 6 -4 win against Goring this morning, we went into this afternoon’s final WSBL League fixture at Tarring Priory needing to win by at least 6 – 4 to guarantee us staying in division one for next season. Despite a battling performance against last year’s WSBL champions, we lost the match by a score of 6 – 4 and by an overall score of 76 -72, although one of our losing rinks went to the wire and could easily have swung the result in our favour. Our top rink today was Chris Matthews, Barney Rudge, Dave Hoggen and Simon Edwards and our other winning rink Charles Lindsell, Dave Sargent, Ian Slater and Russ Hallett.

THURSDAY 25th AUGUST 2022 – The order of play for our club competitions finals weekend was agreed today and the draw for the Ernie Boulton final was also made…Please see the details below and please note, bowlers in red text will use red stickers and bowlers in black text will use white stickers:

Saturday 10th September

10.00am –                                           

Drawn  Pairs – 

S. Murphy & I. Slater v R. Maton & D. O’Mahoney

Norman King – (Marker Simon Edwards)

M. Hoggen v I. Godden

Veterans Cup – (Marker Dave Steff)

P. Mantle v J. Bailey


Handicap Singles  – (Marker Charles Lindsell)

D. Hoggen v R. Maton

Wheeler Cup Pairs

T. Redman & I. Slater v R. Jennings & J. Bailey

Sunday 11th September


Ernie Boulton

D.Hoggen (Skip), J.Atkinson, I.Slater & I.Rudge v
D.Sargent (Skip), C. Matthews, N.Gordine & R.Jennings

Championship Pairs

C. Lindsell & D. Steff v R. Maton & I. Godden

Jay Cup – (Marker Deb O’Mahoney)

R. Hallett v S. Edwards


Championship Singles  – (Marker Andy Slater)

G. Olver v R. Maton

Wheeler Cup – (Marker Dave Hoggen)

I. Slater v J. Bailey

WEDNESDAY 24th AUGUST 2022 – The remaining semi finals for the club competitions were all completed today and the finalists for all of the competitions are as follows:

Championship Singles – Richard Maton v Gary Olver

Handicap Singles – Dave Hoggen v Richard Maton

Championship Pairs – Richard Maton & Ian Godden v Charles Lindsell & Dave Steff

Drawn Pairs – Steve Murphy & Ian Slater v Richard Maton & Deb O’Mahoney

Jay Cup – Russ Hallett v Simon Edwards

Norman King – Ian Godden v Marion Hoggen

Ernie Boulton Finalists – Dave Sargent, Dave Hoggen, Janet Atkinson, Ian Slater, Chris Matthews, Ian Rudge, Russ Jennings & Nick Gordine

Veterans Cup – John Bailey v Pete Mantle

Wheeler Cup – John Bailey v Ian Slater

Wheeler Drawn Pairs – Tina Redman & Ian Slater v Russ Jennings & John Bailey.

TUESDAY 23rd AUGUST 2022 – Our very good season in the Brodie league continued this afternoon in our away fixture at Tarring Priory where won the match by 9 – 1. Our top rink today was Pete Mantle, Dave Hoggen and Mick Page and our other winning rinks were Dave Sargent, Chris Matthews and Janet Atkinson and Deb O’Mahoney, Ken Poole, Mick O’Mahoney and Ted Poole. Well done also to John Bailey who helped to picked up a point playing in his first Brodie pairs match alongside our Brodie Captain Marion Hoggen.

SATURDAY 20th AUGUST 2022 – Another vital win for us this afternoon in the West Sussex Bowls League. We played at home against Chichester BC and we won the match by 7 – 3. Our top rink was Dave Steff, Ted Poole, Andy Slater and Richard Maton and our other winning rink was Charles Lindsell, Dave Sargent, Ian Slater and Russ Hallett. Today’s victory was our 3rd win in our last 4 matches and with one match left to play, it gives us a good chance of escaping relegation from division one of the WSBL.

THURSDAY 18th AUGUST 2022 – We had our second win on the road in the last 3 days in our friendly match away at Billingshurst BC this afternoon. The match format was triples played across 4 rinks, we won on three rinks and lost the other one and the overall score was 79 – 53 in our favour. Our top rink today was Ken MacMaster, Pete Mantle and Janet Atkinson. Our other two winning rinks were Marion Hoggen, Colin Green and Dave Hoggen and Ken Poole, Chris Matthews and Simon Edwards.

TUESDAY 16th AUGUST 2022 Congratulations to Mick O’Mahoney who captained Worthing BC for the first time in our friendly match at Steyning today. The match was played in a triples format across 4 rinks and we won the match convincingly by a score of 4 – 0. Well done to all our bowlers this afternoon and our top rink was Kris Czarnecka, Maureen Jackson and Pete Mantle.

SUNDAY 14th AUGUST 2022 – Following a positive start to the season in the WSBL, a mid season run of 5 defeats in a row means we are still bottom of the West Sussex Bowls league despite yesterday’s victory. With 2 matches left to play and only 4 points separating the bottom 4 teams, realistically any 2 from Pavilion Bulls, Goring, Norfolk and Worthing could be relegated at the end of the season.

Bulls remaining 2 matches are Norfolk away and Goring at home.
Goring’s remaining 2 matches are Chichester at home and Bulls away. Norfolk’s remaining 2 matches are Bulls at home and Pavilion Bears away. Our remaining 2 matches are Chichester at home and Tarring Priory away.

To end on a positive note, we have won 2 of our last 3 matches and if we bowl well in our last couple of games we still have a very good chance of escaping relegation. COME ON WORTHING BC!

SATURDAY 13th AUGUST 2022 – In the midst of the latest heatwave we played our home fixture in the West Sussex Bowls League against Goring Manor BC this afternoon. Well done to all our bowlers who braved the hot weather and helped us to win the match by 6 – 4 with an overall score of 76 – 69. Our top rink today was Chris Matthews, Mick O’Mahoney, Dave Hoggen and Simon Edwards and our other winning rink was Charles Lindsell, Steve Murphy, Mick Page and Russ Hallett.

SUNDAY 7th AUGUST 2022 – This morning on a fast as lightning green which was devoid of grass, we played away against Worthing Pavilion Bears in the West Sussex Bowls League. The Bears won the match 10 – 0.

THURSDAY 4th AUGUST 2022 – Our 5 match winning run in the Brodie League came to an end this afternoon at Maltravers BC who won the match by 8 – 2. Our top rink was Dave Sargent, Mick O’Mahoney, Barney Rudge and Peter Mantle.

SATURDAY 30th JULY 2022 – Following our recent poor run of results in the West Sussex Bowls League, it was a great feeling getting back to winning ways in our home fixture this afternoon against Norfolk BC. We won the match by 8 – 2 capped by a great comeback performance to win from 15 – 0 down on Ian Godden’s rink which also included Chris Matthews, Mick Page and Ted Poole. Our top rink today was Charles Lindsell, John Bailey, Steve Murphy and Simon Edwards. Kris Czarnecki, Ian Slater, Dave Hoggen and Richard Maton also won on their rink.

THURSDAY 28th JULY 2022 – Dave Sargent was our captain of the day for the first time in this afternoon’s friendly match at home against Southwick BC. The format was 4 triples of which we won three and Southwick won one. The overall score was 72 – 63 in Southwick’s favour. Our top rink was Syd Foster, Colin Green and Janet Atkinson.

Captain Sarge (Dave Sargent) rounding up his troops prior to today’s match with Southwick.

SUNDAY 24th JULY 2022 – An enjoyable and very warm day today in the heart of Guildford town centre to play our return friendly match against Castle Green BC on an unusually lush green for the time of year. The format was 4 triples of which we won 2 and Castle Green won the other 2. Castle Green won on the overall score and our top rink was Charles Lindsell, Chris Matthews and Kris Czarnecki.

SATURDAY 23rd JULY 2022 – Unfortunately our bad run of results in the West Sussex Bowls league during the last month continued this afternoon with an 8 – 2 defeat at home against Worthing Pavilion Bulls. Our top rink today was Dave Sargent, Ian Slater, Mick Page and Richard Maton.

THURSDAY 21st JULY 2022 – Our excellent run of form in the Brodie league continued this afternoon with an 8 – 2 win at home against Marine Gardens. This victory takes us to the top of the league, it was our fifth win in succession during which time we have taken 44 points out of the 50 points available. Our top rink today was Peter Mantle, Chris Matthews, Dave Hoggen and Mick Page.

SUNDAY 17th JULY 2022 – We played at home against Southbourne BC in the West Sussex Bowls League this afternoon. After a good start in most rinks, our hopes of victory melted away in the sweltering heat generated by the current heatwave. We lost the match 8 – 2 and our top and only winning rink today was Dave Steff, John Bailey, Simon Edwards and Russ Hallet. On a more positive note, a big thank you to catering queen Kate and several of our other members who prepared and contributed food to make up a magnificent feast which was enjoyed by us all after the match.

SATURDAY 16th JULY 2022 – A great performance this afternoon in the Brodie league at home against Tarring Priory BC. We won the match 10 – 0 with an overall score of 101 – 47 and our top rink today was Peter Mantle and Richard Maton in the pairs match. This result means we have won our last 4 Brodie matches in a row and have amassed a total of 36 points from those matches. Congratulations to our club Vice Captain Marion who manages and captain’s our Brodie team and to all of our members who put their names down for the games. Fingers crossed we can keep up the momentum in the Brodie and hopefully take some of it into the WSBL as well.

The Poole brothers reflecting on their fine performances in today’s game and in their post match washing up duties!
The Brodie League as it stands this evening.

WEDNESDAY 13th JULY 2022 – This afternoon we played a friendly match at home against The Drive BC from Hove. The match was played across 5 rinks in a triples format. We won on four of the rinks and lost on the other one and we won the match by an overall score of 97 – 73. Our top rink was Marion Hoggen, John Bailey and Mickey Page and many thanks as always to Kate for preparing the lovely post match snack.

SUNDAY 10th JULY 2022 – It was great fun traveling to Southbourne and back by train together as a team for today’s WSBL match with Southbourne and the post match hospitality provided by our hosts was a real treat. Unfortunately we struggled on the artificial green on a very hot day and we lost the match 10 – 0.

Our four skips, Simon, Russ, Ian and Richard.
On a very warm day, Ian & Ted modelling sun hats created from Ian’s bowling trousers!

SATURDAY 9th JULY 2022 – We were due to play our home fixture against Goring Manor Hurricanes today in the Brodie league but as Goring are unable to field a team or reschedule the game, we will be awarded all 10 points for the match.

THURSDAY 7th JULY 2022 – We played in our 6th Brodie match of the season today at home against Maltravers BC and had a great result. We won the match 8 – 2 and this takes us up to 2nd place in the league. Our top rink today was Marion Hoggen, Barney Rudge and Ted Poole.

SUNDAY 3rd JULY 2022 – This afternoon we played a friendly match at home against the West Sussex Tourists. The match format was 4 triples of which we won 2 and the tourists won the other 2. We won the match by an overall score of 71 – 59 and our top rink today was Dave Sargent, Tina Redman and Ian Slater.

SATURDAY 2nd JULY 2022 – A trip to Littlehampton this afternoon for our away fixture against Norfolk BC in the West Sussex Bowls League. Norfolk won the match 8 – 2 and our top rink was Tom Parsons, Mick O’Mahoney, Mick Page and Ted Poole.

SUNDAY 26th JUNE 2022 – This morning we played away from home against Worthing Pavilion Bulls in the West Sussex Bowls League. We made a good start to the match but struggled in the latter stages when the green became very fast and we lost the match 9 – 1. Our top rink today was Dave Steff, Ian Rudge, Andy Slater and Ian Godden.

THURSDAY 23rd JUNE 2022 – Another very good 8 – 2 victory for Worthing BC today, this time in the Brodie league at home against Lancing BC. The result moves us up to 3rd place in the Brodie table and our top rink today was Dave Sargent, John Bailey and Mick Page. Thanks as always to our lovely Catering Manager Kate for preparing a great spread which we all enjoyed after the match.

SUNDAY 19TH JUNE 2022 – A cracking result for us today in the West Sussex Bowls League where we beat Worthing Pavilion Bears by 8 – 2 at Beach House Park to move up to 3rd place in the division 1 table. Our top rink today was Stuart Bryce, Russ Jennings, Steve Murphy (Smurf!) and Richard Maton.

SATURDAY 18TH JUNE 2022 – Today we had a great day out for our friendly match at Lindfield bowling club. The match format was 5 triples of which Lindfield won 3 and we won 2. Our top rink was Marion Hoggen, Colin Green and Dave Hoggen.

Deb, Trevor, Colin, Dave S and Ted taking onboard vital fluids prior to today’s match.

WEDNESDAY 15TH JUNE 2022 – This evening we played against Chichester in the second round of the Abergavenny competition where home and away matches are played simultaneously in a rinks format. We won the home match but lost the away match and were beaten narrowly on the overall score.

TUESDAY 14TH JUNE 2022 – A beautiful sunny day to play our fourth Brodie match of the season away at Worthing Pavilion. Sadly the result wasn’t beautiful as we lost 10 – 0!

SATURDAY 11TH JUNE 2022 – Today in our third West Sussex League match of the season we played away against Goring Manor. The final score was 8 – 2 to Goring and our top rink today was Stuart Bryce, Dave Hoggen, Andy Slater and Richard Maton.

FRIDAY 10TH JUNE 2022 – In our third Brodie League match of the season we played away against Goring Hurricanes today. Both clubs won on two rinks each but the final score was 6 – 4 to Goring as the overall total was 77 – 46 in their favour. Our top rink today was Deb O’Mahoney, Dave Hoggen and Mick Page.

WEDNESDAY 8TH JUNE 2022 – This evening we played Pagham BC in the Abergavenny competition. The format was rinks with matches played at home and away simultaneously and Worthing BC won by an overall score of 40 – 31.

SATURDAY 4TH JUNE 2022 – Two matches were played today at the same time. At home we played Marine Gardens in a friendly where the final score was 52 – 69 and our top rink was Colin, Mike B and Janet. Thanks very much as always to Kate Jennings for preparing delicious post match snacks.

We also played away at Chichester in the West Sussex Bowls League where the final score was 4 – 6 (71 – 87). Our top rink in this match was John, Mick, Trevor and Simon and 4 points from an away fixture in this league is certainly not a bad result for the club.

SATURDAY 28TH MAY 2022 – A brilliant start to our season in the 2022 West Sussex Bowls League! Worthing BC beat Tarring Priory BC by an overall score of 91 – 64 and in a comprehensive victory, Worthing won on all four rinks and pick up the maximum 10 points available from the match. Obviously there were a lot of great performances from our team in all 4 rinks and our top rink in this match was Dave Steff, Pete Mantle, Mick O’Mahoney and Trevor Gordine.

THURSDAY 26TH MAY 2022 – Today we played a friendly match away at Shoreham BC. The match format was four triples and Worthing and Shoreham won on two rinks each. Shoreham won on the overall score by 77 – 69. Our top rink today was Dave Sargent, Dave Hoggen and Janet Atkinson.

SATURDAY 21st MAY 2022 – We played a friendly match at Marine Gardens today where the format was five triples. Both clubs won on two rinks each, the other triple was drawn and Marine Gardens came out on top in the overall score by 81 – 72. Our top rink today was Deb, Barney and Mick P.

THURSDAY 19th MAY 2022 – A great result for Worthing BC in the Brodie League today. We played away at Goring Spitfires and won the match by 8 – 2. The aggregate score was 87 – 50 in our favour. It was sweet revenge as Goring Spitfires beat us 6 – 4 a couple of weeks ago in our home fixture against them. Our top rink today was Mick O, Kris and Janet.

SUNDAY 15th MAY 2022 – On a very wet morning, today we played away at Tarring Priory in the PC Cup. Tarring won the match winning on three of the four rinks. Our bowlers in the rink that we won were Mick O, Stu, Smurf and Simon.

SATURDAY 14th MAY 2022 – Our friendly match at home to Castle Green from Guildford today was played in a triples format across three rinks. We won the match 73-42 and our bowlers in the top rink were Colin Green, Dave Steff and Simon Edwards.

WEDNESDAY 11th MAY 2022 – Please note, two additional friendly matches have been added to our 2022 fixture list against The Drive who are based in Hove and play their home matches on an artificial green. We will play them at home on Wednesday 13th July and away on Thursday 15th September.

The Drive Bowling Club’s home ground.

FRIDAY 6th MAY 2022 – Our first Brodie match of the season was played today at home to Goring Spitfires. Worthing and Goring won 2 rinks each but as the aggregate score was Worthing 73 Goring 75, Worthing received 4 points from the fixture and Goring Spitfires received 6 points. Well done to our 2 winning rinks today which were Marion, Mick O, Kris and Mick P in the rink match, and Dave S, Simon and Trevor in one of the triples.

Thanks very much from both teams to our lovely Catering Manager Kate for preparing the delicious buffet that we all enjoyed at the end of the match.

Our Captain Marion and Goring Spitfires Captain Frank prior to today’s match.
Our wonderful Catering Manager Kate Jennings.

SATURDAY 30th APRIL 2022 – Worthing BC played a friendly match today away at Pulborough BC where the weather was sunny and warm. The match was played across 6 rinks in a triples format and Pulborough certainly made home advantage count in winning the match by 5 rinks to 1. Our winning triple at Pulborough was Deb O’Mahoney who played as lead, Chris Matthews who was the number 2 and Dave Hoggen who played as skip.

SATURDAY 23rd APRIL 2022 – The weather was beautiful for the annual President v Captain match which was played in a triples format across 4 rinks. Big thanks go out to Kate Jennings for preparing a lovely buffet which we all enjoyed after the match.

Nick showing Stu how to bowl at the President v Captain match!
President Gordine in action at the President v Captain match.